Front Rest Supremo

Considered the best line of equipment in Brazil for shooting BENCH REST, Xred presents the FRONT REST Supremo, the newest model in this segment. Synonymous of solidity, smoothness and precision, this model has an impeccable high quality finish (anodizing) in addition to serving all BENCH REST shooting modes, from the simplest airguns to the most powerful rifles.

After an initial SET UP, it is possible to visualize all the targets of a test card using only your JOYSTICK to change positions on the target, as your project was developed aiming to reach all four corners of the target, so that the shooter does not waste time having to adjust the set's initial fixing position again during the competition.

Weight: 8.5Kg
Dimensions: 320x310x180mm

Looking foward to improve precision, now we have a new feature which is the rotating support base system.
This new feature is optional and can be also fitted to previous models. Contact us for more information.