About us

With a passion for shooting sports and the search for excellence in the championships he was competing in, the athlete and mechanic and machining expert Denison Madureira found himself with the need to develop equipment for his own use, but more accurate than those available in the local market, with smooth handling, and of course without depending on import and the waiting time to have it, it was then that in 2015 began to develop the first Frontrest projects for his own use.

With the continuous evolution and improvement of its equipments, its results in the competitions results improvements and began to stand out before the others competitors, consequently the interest of the competitors for the developed device arose, because there was nothing like it in Brazil and the first orders for equipment started appearing. It was at that moment that Xred Equipamentos was born.

Since then, Xred has always sought continuous improvement and evolution in the quality of the shot, comfort, ergonomics, versatility and above all precision for those who use it. These are the characteristics of the equipment and Xred's DNA.

Today, all products fully satisfy the Benchrest shot, in the air and fire categories, and are also heavily used in the Fclass rifle mode.

In addition to Frontrests, Xred also develops Rearbags and Turners, in order to fully meet the competitor's needs, always offering greater precision and comfort to the athlete. That's the Xred philosophy !!!

Check below the year-by-year evolution of this brand, which becomes increasingly stronger and internationally known. Also check out our champion wall in the photo gallery!